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    Introduction to Fujian Thirteen Waters-棋牌大厅特邀
    泰州棋牌23张 2020-08-28 14:58

      The playing method of Fujian Thirteen Waters varies slightly according to different regions.But it\s roughly the same,Some places are a deck of cards,In some places, cards are added based on the number of players in the game,For example, a pair of 4 people,5 people one pair + one color of spades,6 people is a pair of +2 spades,Of course you can use other colors instead of spades,There are also 6 people with 2 decks of cards.So Fujian Shisanshui is slightly different in different parts of Fujian


      But the gameplay of Fujian Shisanshui is similar.The gameplay with king (variety) and without king (classic),We have said before,A deck of 52 cards is evenly distributed to 4 people,13 photos per person,Follow the 3 head piers,5 middle piers,Put the cards in the way of 5 tail tricks,Then each trick starts to compare with each other,The order of size is as follows:


      Straight Flush>Bomb>Full Gourd>Flush>Straight>Three Pairs>Two Pairs>One Pair>Oolong,

      Vung Tau heavy

      Plus some special cards

      Supreme Blue Dragon>One Dragon>Twelve Royal Family>Three Straight Flush>All One Color>6 pairs and a half>Three Flush

      About water calculation of Fujian 新平台棋牌啊 Shisanshui

      In the Thirteen Waters of Fujian,Each pier counts as one water,Double the final water count when there is a home run

      Special card type special treatment

      Supreme Azure Dragon: 52 water per house

      One-stop: 26 water per house

      The Twelve Royal Family: 13 water for each family

      Triple Flush: 6 points for each family

      6 and a half: 3 water per house

      Straight flush: 5 water at the tail pier,双中间码头

      Bomb: tail pier 4 water,双中间码头

      金瓜:尾码头有1杯水,Double the middle pier



    is 雀友棋牌 神来棋牌 the me 棋牌大厅特邀
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